Our Montessori elementary classrooms provide prepared environments that arouse student curiosity in order to build an exceptional foundation and love of learning. Our experienced, Montessori-trained teachers follow the needs of each student’s development, knowing how to weave the academic, social and emotional pieces together.

Children in lower elementary classrooms are bursting with questions and learning to discover answers independently. Upper elementary students take ownership of their lessons along with exploring subjects of their own volition. Elementary work is done using concrete Montessori materials, giving students clarity and depth in their understanding of concepts. Students shift to abstraction as mastery of concepts occurs.

The Montessori curriculum underscores the many ways in which our world is connected. The telling of the “Great Stories”, written years ago by Maria Montessori, ignite the students’ imaginations and prompt questions of how writing, reading, exploration and numbers began hundreds of years ago.

Classrooms are organized in two 3-year programs. The lower class is for students, aged 6-9 and the upper elementary for ages 9-12. Mixed-age classrooms offer a student the opportunity to be, at one point, a leader and at other times that of one observing or being guided by a teacher or peer. Small class sizes with a maximum of 18 students and two teachers lead to strong, enduring relationships.