Beyond the Classroom

Students in our elementary program have several opportunities to participate in activities off campus. These activities are planned well in advance and are chaperoned by the classroom teachers and parent volunteers. Off campus activities are linked to curriculum interests or areas of learning and may change from year to year.

Outdoor EducationIslandWood
In the fall or spring, elementary students load their backpacks and put on their hiking shoes for a overnight outdoor retreat. Students participate in project-based fieldwork, build classroom community, take part in environmental stewardship and enjoy an exceptional experience and a treasured memory.

Seattle Children’s Theater – Seattle, WA
Throughout the year, students attend performances at the Seattle Children’s Theater. Drama at Bellevue Montessori School’s  Elementary Campus is taught by a Seattle Children’s Theater teaching artist, Britt Boyd.

Low Tide Beach Trip – Puget Sound Beaches, WA
When June’s low tide arrives, Elementary students explore a Puget Sound beach  to examine the marine invertebrates that are revealed by an extra low tide. A naturalist from the Seattle Aquarium first visits the school to prepare the children for the trip. The naturalist teaches the students about the marine life and how to properly explore the beach without harming the animals. At the beach, naturalists from the Seattle Aquarium guide students in their explorations.

Community Service
Community service projects are accomplished at all age levels, and begins in the classroom with our peace and cultural studies. Students are encouraged from a young age to be stewards of our Earth, and to be compassionate participants in our society. In the classroom children work to keep alive Maria Montessori’s belief in peer teaching by lending a hand,  to other students. Twice a year students take ownership of a larger responsibility by servicing people in our community or in other areas of need. Students are given service project choices and collaboratively select a service. In the past students have worked with Northwest Harvest, Children’s Hospital and The Red Cross to name a few.