Drop Off and Pick Up Tips by Monica Lalanne, Primary Education Director 08.20.2019


We understand that dropping your child off at school is an emotional experience. “What if she cries all day?” “ What if she misses me?” Your child needs your support and encouragement in order to learn to separate. If he falls, you encourage him to get back up. The same is true with separation at preschool. We have simple procedures in place to support you and your child.

  • Use our car drop off lines. Staff are there to assist.

  • Once inside and the child is signed in, allow your child to walk independently to the door of their classroom. Staff will greet them.

Prepare your child and yourself by coming up with a consistent goodbye routine that you can follow everyday, such as a hug and kiss, and a “Have a good day at school!” “I will be back at 3!” The child should walk in on his own and carry his own belongings. Once the child walks in you need to be prepared to exit. It is not helpful to linger, even if child shows distress. Walking away after a goodbye shows you trust he will be okay without you.

Teachers are working within their classrooms with other children. We have post-its at the front desk if you need to communicate something immediately. The teachers are unable to have even a brief conversation as it is their priority to be with all the children. Imagine if they were giving a lesson to your child and another parent wanted a minute of their time- who misses out from the teachers’ attention?



For our Noon and School Day pickups we again have car duty. The Head Teachers bring the children to the waiting cars. This is the easiest and most expeditious way to send our children home, greet your head teacher, and not back up traffic.

For Activity Club pickup: Please come to door of the classroom and allow your child to clean up. We ask that you do not spend time in darkened classrooms. “Lights Out, School’s Out.” Instead of asking them if they ate their lunch, how about, “How was your day?” Soon they will ask you the same.