Family Events

Field Day FunCarnival Fun

The Main Campus and Park Elementary Campus organize events for families, creating a social setting that cultivates friendships and classroom community. At the Main Campus, parents are invited to come to class with their child during Moms’ Nights and Dads’ Nights to experience a small part of a day in the Montessori classroom. At the Park Elementary Campus, parents are invited to join their child before school for Moms’ and Dads’ Breakfasts. Both campuses host Fall and Spring Potlucks where parents, extended family and alumni have the opportunity to relax and share a meal. Elementary students spend several weeks researching and preparing  projects in social sciences to present at Cultural Afternoon. At the end of the year, parent volunteers help create a Carnival at the Main Campus and a Field Day at the Park Elementary Campus – fun-filled events with games, prizes, piñatas, bubbles and more!

We welcome and encourage families to share their holiday traditions and special customs with their child’s classroom.